History of Metal Tile Technology

With a solid background, love for metals, and the pragmatism to always look forward, Metal Tile Technology is a leader in creating unique and exquisitely stylish metal tiles. Peter Manickas, III is committed to quality and artistic, modern design combined with using metals of distinction, while also focusing on sustainable practices as he continues to build upon the foundation laid 85 years ago by his grandparents.

Metal Tile Technology got its start when Peter Manickas Sr. and his wife Carrie emigrated from Greece and started the Plastic Craft Jewelry Company in 1931. The Manickas family led a proud tradition of innovation and fashion forward design. Whether you look back to 1931, or today, with Metal Tile Technology dedication to craft and quality is at the forefront.

Metal Tile Technology is led with a team approach and continues to be driven with passion, artistry and the fundamentals of metallurgy at it’s core. Understanding the properties of various metals, how their colors combine when amalgamated, how their strengths improve when brought together, as well as the craft of jewelry design and manufacturing has led to their ability to partner exquisite metals with artistic flair.  The result: Metal Tile Technology, where elegant and refined metal tiles made of thoughtfully composed alloys meld the beauty of precious metals with durable bases.